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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Secret Admirer

                   If i were to fall in love, it would have to be with you
                   If i were to give myself, it would have to be to you

                        I have loved you for so long
                       Wishing your arms to hold me tight
                        I can not ignore what is too strong
                         Or even want to have to fight

                        I keep this in my heart in silence,
                          For you do not see me...
                            As only from a distance,
                             Do i get to tell you implicitely

                             This aching desire of kissing you,
                                To caress your lips so fine,
                                   And so very slowly too...
                                    Steal your heart to just be mine...

                                 Feeling the warmth of your mouth
                                 The taste of your breath,
                                   A fire in me you arouse...
                                   And suddenly brings me faith

                                    The tenderness of you tongue,
                                   Gently with mine entwined
                                    I know to you I belong
                                      Body, heart & mind...

         This would not be just a simple kiss
          But left open for one meaning...
       The wish of an eternal Bliss
            And the hope of a new beginning...