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Thursday, 18 September 2014


The night holds secrets of hidden longing
Flamed circling desire til the break of day
Agony of conscious denial whispering
Wordless tales of thoughts coming to play

Depth bearing are the quicksands of lust
Arcadian sinking of silenced urges
Yearning of ferocious recurrent thrusts
Quick wave of desire submerges

Trembling, aching fingers, dried lips
Sentient drift with every passion
Hand craving the tender capture of hips
Fossilized moment of flowing emotion

Yet a barren field of frozen reflection
Forbidden path we like to borrow
Sweet devilish temptation
Filled with ecstacy but sorrow...

Monday, 19 May 2014


Under a starless night
On a high standing bridge
How appealing, is the river's sight
Dark, deep & unabridged
The soothing cold to freeze my pains
May death takes holds to mute my hell
Dispersing the poison from within my veins
Freeing my soul from its hollow shell
Too many disappointments
Turned suffocating torments
By repetitive abandonments
Scattering life into fragments

Monday, 29 October 2012

Put out the light

Put out the light...
My heart has gone to sleep
I give up the fight
Pain now forthwith too deep

What strains may come
When all hope & faith
Once strong now gone
Shall follow into death?

All else has failed
This is the final fall
All dreams long sailed
None I can no more recall

In darkness, I, sleepless, stay
in this room raped of all memories
From what seems a lifetime away
Once filled with desires only youth carries

Heart violated of all tenderness
Left to unquestionable blankness
Shaping the lines of drowning sadness
  Burying me under total hopelessness

I will be silent now...
Eyes closed, for this is the end  
Comes sleep, comes the countdown
Then let me...... let me die still unawakened

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


So many of my smiles begin with you
Since you first gleamed upon my sight
Constant day dreams whispers of you
 And nights longing to hold you tight

Rustlings of Passion taking over me
Breathtaking fantasy, raging wild & free
Where my want isnt of despair but of love
Sent from Arcadia to me above

Bringing faith to an atheist's heart
Imploring the heavens for grant
For you & I, no longer be part
And put an end to my torment

All I can not say, gives my heart a glow
That seldom have seen but only you will know

So take away my sighs & my soul's aching blight
Come closer, come closer, all my days, all my nights

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Home Soil

The sun rose on me
On the African Continent
On the north west territory
Where beauty meets torment

Dry unforgiving harsh land
Where the sun is King in its mighty light
Bathed by an ocean of shifting sand
Offering an infinite burning sight

Relentless wind, hot and strong
Steadily blowing with a hollow sound
Shaping the Desert's callous character
Invisible merciless powerful master

A Boundless sky, vast & deeply blue
Witness the retched souls & the subdued
Through thirsty lips whispering mercy too
Begging the heavens, hopes strewed

The horizon promises much hardship
Scorching heat & tests of faith
The element's forceful grip
Until you face your very own wraith

Tarfaya & Smara, my waking world
Desolate wastelands where silence thrives
Sandstorms are born here to whirl & twirl
Existence suspended in time, engulfing lives

I miss the stars filled sky, in the cold of night
Promises of Edens amongst enduring times
Justifying every pains to be worth a fight
Forging dreams in the night's paradigm

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Talk about joy, talk about happiness
For our world is in so much need!
Uncessant continuous strain of fitful darkness
From men's ever generous giving greed

Lighten your heart and speak of beauty
Keeping away from darkened paths
Forged by the inclined to vice & ugly
Too weakened to live absent of wrath 

Open your soul, waken your heart
Bestow delight to the weary ears
Such wonders & wisdom to impart
A soothing breeze for many to hear

A mother's open arms, full of gentle care
A lover's blissful embrace, promises of eden ahead
The world has enough grief without your woe to bare
So tell tales of joy and beauty instead...

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Storm 1990

From the port of Agadir, we embarked
Aboard tug ''Delia'', a salvage boat
Across the Atlantic to depart
Gradually loosing sight of any coast...

Longing west Africa
And onto the Gulf of Cadiz
Heading north, towards Britannica
Swiftly dead ahead alee the breeze...

Little did we know the Sea's intention
For that night in the bay of Biscay
Many would go to their perdition
In total darkness & disarray

Darkened clouds, rumbling thunder
Squall howling as if warning!
To fear, the crew soon to surrender
As waves in chorus started battering

With each hit, the tug shuddered raucously
Waves raging wild, in incessant grind
Unremittingly lifted & thrown brutally
Against each ferocious returning tide 

A groaning hull boisterous shock
Shot out of the ocean in a deafening roar
Clinging in despair, running amok
Atheist muttering prayers & to Implore
Reminded of the quiver at each lashing wave
Assaulted by water, salt & bitter cold
The crewmen held their posts strong & brave
Hoping against hope standing bold

 Distress flares illuminating the sky red
Radio screeching MAYDAY MAYDAY
With strength decayed, men gripped by dread   
From nearby boats sinking away

A lifetime that night did last
Rocking and rolling we strived to stand
But with great tenacity remained steadfast
Devoided of all choices but to withstand

First rays of dawn revealing the full waves height
The men, exhausted, froze, in renewed fear & self doubt
24hrs on, this storm does not wilt but to stride
Men, weakened searching for last surges of clout

After 36hrs against all odds & the elements
With a shattered outer hull we come to rest
Now a still sea phantomed by chaos resonant
Never before we endured such test...

Dedicated to Tug Delia, double hull 3,000 HP sea monster & its crew who kept us alive during that terrible storm that night while two nearby boats sank leaving no survivors. 
Waves were of 13 meters high. 

Monday, 30 July 2012


Tears are words the heart can not express
For too many are painful, harsh & cruel
Our very core, weakened under duress
Throat tightened and tacitly rueful

Heart on fire in a burning chest

More fervently sigh after sigh
Hastened in grief and in distress
A bleeding soul seeming to die

Longing for time to quickly come

To heal at once these unseen wounds
Unseen but felt a thousand fold
Awaiting seasons to dispel gloom

Pass Winter come to Spring
With all wonders this season brings
Atone my heart inner scarring
To once more blooms & wildly sings

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I hold you in my heart

I hold you in my heart
For my arms just shan’t
From the very early start
This sickly sweet torment

A quench-less thirst
A hunger I cannot Fill
Loving anguish, turned curse
Is for you what I feel

As I daze in your eyes so green
I am consumed with you
The most beautiful I have seen
And ache the very touch of you

The heart alone has its reasons
To succumb to such forbidden devotion
Unbearable loving emotions
Secret I dare not to mention

You are the treasure I hide to keep
Buried in my chest’s own heartbeats
The one & only so many do seek
The one who would make me complete

A barely audible whisper
Surround my thoughts of lust & sin
A dream state I relish to linger
Shivers overtaking my skin

Desire of lips tenderly touching
Hands passionately holding
A sweet embrace quietly waiting
Patience Painfully persisting…

So close, yet away from my reach
I will be waiting for all seasons passing
Shall life be kind to grant me my wish
I vow to give you my heart forever loving

What is meant to be
Will always find its way
So I hope, beg & pray
Fate to bring you to me one day

...I hold you in my heart...
To a special someone

Saturday, 16 June 2012


I am your dark side
A cold wave of destruction
In the night of your soul i hide
Whispering sweet bloody temptation

Your blood feels thin
As i clutch at your heart
To your fear, give in!
Before i torn you apart

You'll pray & hope to resist
Closing your eyes, clenching your fists
For the voices to finally desist
A feeble faith to stand alone amidst

Brain wrapped in chains
Consciousness fades away
You break all restrains
A murderous rage you obey...

Envy, Lust, Wrath, all will begin
As you fall into the abysses of each of these sins
Swallowed in flames, you'll burn from within
Hate oozing from each pores of your skin

While the night reigns
Hunt down your preys
Their blood filled veins
Soon spilled away

You will rape their souls
Invade their bodies & mind
As your ripper within howls
Hellish wrath & lust combined

You will rip them open
Crotch to chin
Tormented in pain
With a cold blade of steel...

Dark blood gushing out on your face
Their screams filling your ears
An orgasm of furry you will taste
Crying a liberated flow of tears

On their lungs, you shall carve your name
As they breathe you until their last moment
A death they will meet so inhumane
For your own twisted amusement

Breathe in their fumes
Of their grossly opened guts
Sickening stench inner perfume
Steaming out from a thousand cuts

Life leaving their eyes
As sun rays come to rise
Your inner beast satisfies
By the blood lust of their demise

Your humanity to awake
As your Demon asleep & gone
The horror of your deeds taking shape
Oh tell me, tell me, what have you done?!

Razor claws & fangs that gnash deep
Hold the Bible & grab a crucifix
For the Demon back again as you try to sleep
Night after night reborn as the Phoenix

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I have a tattoo in mind
To be an expression of my being
Body & soul that ink would bind
To give my existence a written meaning

You design one that's unique
& invite me onto the chair...
The pain better than any pleasure i seek
For ur art is better than any clothes i could wear

Force your needle into me
On my flesh and across my bones
Carve the long Dark lines deeply
& unravel ur creation amid my groans

Give it expression & color
For i am ur masterpiece and you my sculptor

Use red for my Fury
Black for my mystery
& many shades in between to tell my story...

Give it wing. give it shapes
The silent Roar of a dragons breath
Keeper of a shuddering heart
Burning fire of an unleashed wrath

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Secret Admirer

                   If i were to fall in love, it would have to be with you
                   If i were to give myself, it would have to be to you

                        I have loved you for so long
                       Wishing your arms to hold me tight
                        I can not ignore what is too strong
                         Or even want to have to fight

                        I keep this in my heart in silence,
                          For you do not see me...
                            As only from a distance,
                             Do i get to tell you implicitely

                             This aching desire of kissing you,
                                To caress your lips so fine,
                                   And so very slowly too...
                                    Steal your heart to just be mine...

                                 Feeling the warmth of your mouth
                                 The taste of your breath,
                                   A fire in me you arouse...
                                   And suddenly brings me faith

                                    The tenderness of you tongue,
                                   Gently with mine entwined
                                    I know to you I belong
                                      Body, heart & mind...

         This would not be just a simple kiss
          But left open for one meaning...
       The wish of an eternal Bliss
            And the hope of a new beginning...

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bali Holiday Chinese New Year 2012

Off to the airport,
It's holiday Time...
My sandals & just a short,
Cause' I still don't have a dime!

A Limo to come get us
All the way to our terminal
Unnecessary but pleasant fuss
Bound to boost the moral!

Passport & Visa
Check in & Customs
All in order, ''Et Voila''
Departure lounge here it comes!

Looking at this big steel bird
Anxiety I start to feel...
One in ten millions chances I heard
To free fall and to squeal!

Before take off, I shall pray
Not to end up on an island ''Cast Away''
With a football friend named ''Wilson''
Keeping me from going crazy all alone!

''One of the safest way to travel''
I hear a passenger say...
And the hostess to yell
''Life vests under, shall you hear MAYDAY-MAYDAY''

Now all switch off your phones!
...And I don't want to hear no moans!
Keep your eyes on me,
And listen carefully.

''Just Safety Precautions''
In an -unlikely- event of an emergency
Yet stressing strict instructions 
To observe diligently!
''Emergency Exits, here, here and here!''
''Oxygen masks above and lit pathways there''
Giving me all reasons to fear
Ski diving from the air!

But let's not get dramatic,
Disasters seldom happen...
Unless we have a fanatic,
Ready, onboard & well hidden!

Where was it six years ago...
Men in robes shouting ''Allah''
Blew up a bunch of white people
To shag 47 virgin fatma?...

Where are we going already?!
Oh! I remember! -to Bali-!

I've got everything I need
And a plan for each day
Most importantly to feed
At every hours of the day!

Captain announces our landing
Now all excited, this is for real!
Bag on my shoulder, first standing
My impatience, I try to conceal!

Captain says ''Sorry, in your seats you will stay!''
We have a sick passenger, out of luck
So until a doctor comes our way,
All together you are stuck!

Staff rushing on their way
Panic in their eyes
Defibrillator without delay
This is drama TV full size!

Passenger's wife crying
Sick guy wheezing
Other passengers waiting
And few good souls praying...

Freedom at last! We disembark!
At fast speed we rush & go
Cant wait to reach the sack,
Everyone's just too slow!!

We jump in a taxi
''Direct'' to our hotel
But the driver's a newbie
We turn quiet and very pale!

Few wrong turns
And a close collision
Our enthusiasm curbs
Projecting hospitalization!

The resort we reach!
And so the end of our ordeal...
The driver we ditch
With his driving ''alla Kill Bill''!

Here we are in our bungalow!
With a ''spidy'' in the sink saying hello!
I jump high, adrenalin pumping!
Grabbing a glass, both hands shaking,
Getting closer, Spidy jumping
Asthma triggering and glass breaking!

No way, wont sleep, cant sleep
Til' I finally get rid,
Of that bloody arachnid!

All done, we crash in bed exhausted!
In this haven of tranquility......and bugs....
Until an army of frogs croaked our way,
Where are them bloody earplugs!?

The next morning, starving for breakfast
We decide to brave the Balinese roads
Helmets, padded clothes and luck a must,
We rent a vespa, Slouch shoulders and curbs our toes!

Back looking like two hedgehogs in shock
Perhaps a car would be safer...
The roads here worse than in Bangkok
If not a tank, extra armor! 

Map, first aid kit & religious faith!
Car rental does not provide insurance!
''Don't worry you'll be just safe''
Kidnapping my bank card if  by mischance!

Here we go jungle roads!
Andmy first time driving on this side...
Which way do I turn at crossroads?!
Ill try my best not to collide...

''Watch the ditch by my side!''
''And the suicidal dogs crossing!''
Somebody's gonna die
If I don't start focusing!

Intensive orientation training!
Between ''Dempasar'' and ''Uddu''...
At every street corners we are stopping
Where are we? We haven't got a clue!

Road signs are handy!
If only not hidden behind trees!
''For goodness sake drive slowly!''
''How many times shall i say please?''

Up the mountain we go
In the fog and the pestering rain...
Missing a harsh turn also
My friend to scream and to complain!

Huge lorries running at snail's pace
Second gear our only speed
Patience we must embrace
25km/h we can't exceed!!!

We stop at a charming ''restaurant''
A good coffee we were hoping
Our first sip with a loud grunt
What the hell is this dark thing???

''Balinese Coffee Madam,
Very sweet with bits in it''
More like liquid brown jam
Couldn't swallow but only spit!

Banana pancake sounds appealing!
I order one hoping to better taste
Oily uncooked batter with garlic in
Or some dodgy old dirty paste...

Ill stick to packed crisps
And bottled water will do
Nothing else to pass my lips
Nothing at all, really, thank you!

Lazy day at the pool
I end up red as a lobster
Looking like a bicolor fool
Or a giant talking blister!

Hiding in pain in every shades
I wait to stroll in the gardens
At least until all sunlight fades
Ill get out when it darkens...

Alas as a new born cretin,
I didn't think I was gonna be eaten 
And to death viciously bitten
By the flying dirty dozen!

Burned & itchy
This is nature at it's best
In traffic jams & sweaty
If only the pain could be repressed

I'm too proud so I wont moan
Ill smile and pretend all the way
And when all alone
This is painkillers buffet!

Holiday coming to an end
Time to come back to reality
I hope red is the trend
Ill be glowing very brightly!