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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I hold you in my heart

I hold you in my heart
For my arms just shan’t
From the very early start
This sickly sweet torment

A quench-less thirst
A hunger I cannot Fill
Loving anguish, turned curse
Is for you what I feel

As I daze in your eyes so green
I am consumed with you
The most beautiful I have seen
And ache the very touch of you

The heart alone has its reasons
To succumb to such forbidden devotion
Unbearable loving emotions
Secret I dare not to mention

You are the treasure I hide to keep
Buried in my chest’s own heartbeats
The one & only so many do seek
The one who would make me complete

A barely audible whisper
Surround my thoughts of lust & sin
A dream state I relish to linger
Shivers overtaking my skin

Desire of lips tenderly touching
Hands passionately holding
A sweet embrace quietly waiting
Patience Painfully persisting…

So close, yet away from my reach
I will be waiting for all seasons passing
Shall life be kind to grant me my wish
I vow to give you my heart forever loving

What is meant to be
Will always find its way
So I hope, beg & pray
Fate to bring you to me one day

...I hold you in my heart...
To a special someone