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Saturday, 16 June 2012


I am your dark side
A cold wave of destruction
In the night of your soul i hide
Whispering sweet bloody temptation

Your blood feels thin
As i clutch at your heart
To your fear, give in!
Before i torn you apart

You'll pray & hope to resist
Closing your eyes, clenching your fists
For the voices to finally desist
A feeble faith to stand alone amidst

Brain wrapped in chains
Consciousness fades away
You break all restrains
A murderous rage you obey...

Envy, Lust, Wrath, all will begin
As you fall into the abysses of each of these sins
Swallowed in flames, you'll burn from within
Hate oozing from each pores of your skin

While the night reigns
Hunt down your preys
Their blood filled veins
Soon spilled away

You will rape their souls
Invade their bodies & mind
As your ripper within howls
Hellish wrath & lust combined

You will rip them open
Crotch to chin
Tormented in pain
With a cold blade of steel...

Dark blood gushing out on your face
Their screams filling your ears
An orgasm of furry you will taste
Crying a liberated flow of tears

On their lungs, you shall carve your name
As they breathe you until their last moment
A death they will meet so inhumane
For your own twisted amusement

Breathe in their fumes
Of their grossly opened guts
Sickening stench inner perfume
Steaming out from a thousand cuts

Life leaving their eyes
As sun rays come to rise
Your inner beast satisfies
By the blood lust of their demise

Your humanity to awake
As your Demon asleep & gone
The horror of your deeds taking shape
Oh tell me, tell me, what have you done?!

Razor claws & fangs that gnash deep
Hold the Bible & grab a crucifix
For the Demon back again as you try to sleep
Night after night reborn as the Phoenix