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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Storm 1990

From the port of Agadir, we embarked
Aboard tug ''Delia'', a salvage boat
Across the Atlantic to depart
Gradually loosing sight of any coast...

Longing west Africa
And onto the Gulf of Cadiz
Heading north, towards Britannica
Swiftly dead ahead alee the breeze...

Little did we know the Sea's intention
For that night in the bay of Biscay
Many would go to their perdition
In total darkness & disarray

Darkened clouds, rumbling thunder
Squall howling as if warning!
To fear, the crew soon to surrender
As waves in chorus started battering

With each hit, the tug shuddered raucously
Waves raging wild, in incessant grind
Unremittingly lifted & thrown brutally
Against each ferocious returning tide 

A groaning hull boisterous shock
Shot out of the ocean in a deafening roar
Clinging in despair, running amok
Atheist muttering prayers & to Implore
Reminded of the quiver at each lashing wave
Assaulted by water, salt & bitter cold
The crewmen held their posts strong & brave
Hoping against hope standing bold

 Distress flares illuminating the sky red
Radio screeching MAYDAY MAYDAY
With strength decayed, men gripped by dread   
From nearby boats sinking away

A lifetime that night did last
Rocking and rolling we strived to stand
But with great tenacity remained steadfast
Devoided of all choices but to withstand

First rays of dawn revealing the full waves height
The men, exhausted, froze, in renewed fear & self doubt
24hrs on, this storm does not wilt but to stride
Men, weakened searching for last surges of clout

After 36hrs against all odds & the elements
With a shattered outer hull we come to rest
Now a still sea phantomed by chaos resonant
Never before we endured such test...

Dedicated to Tug Delia, double hull 3,000 HP sea monster & its crew who kept us alive during that terrible storm that night while two nearby boats sank leaving no survivors. 
Waves were of 13 meters high.