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Monday, 29 October 2012

Put out the light

Put out the light...
My heart has gone to sleep
I give up the fight
Pain now forthwith too deep

What strains may come
When all hope & faith
Once strong now gone
Shall follow into death?

All else has failed
This is the final fall
All dreams long sailed
None I can no more recall

In darkness, I, sleepless, stay
in this room raped of all memories
From what seems a lifetime away
Once filled with desires only youth carries

Heart violated of all tenderness
Left to unquestionable blankness
Shaping the lines of drowning sadness
  Burying me under total hopelessness

I will be silent now...
Eyes closed, for this is the end  
Comes sleep, comes the countdown
Then let me...... let me die still unawakened